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Individual Supporters

Lynn Jenkins, Congresswoman (R-KS, 2nd District)

I am proud to call Jim Denning a personal friend. Kansans in the 8th Senate District should be proud to cast their vote for Jim because he is a true and loyal champion for Johnson County.

Kevin Yoder, Congressman (R-KS, 3rd District)

Jim Denning is a positive, effective, and collaborative leader. I'm proud to call him a friend and I know Johnson County is well served with Jim representing Senate District 8!

Derek Schmidt, Kansas Attorney General

Jim Denning has always been a strong, independent voice for his constituents in Topeka. No matter what, Jim puts the needs of his district first. His leadership will be needed in the Senate more than ever next year. I encourage the voters of the 8th District to send Jim back to Topeka to continue fighting for you for another term.

Amanda Adkins, Early Childhood Education Activist and Healthcare Executive

As a businesswoman and mother, I know Senator Jim Denning is focused on quality outcomes in education that will support Kansas workforce needs for years to come.

Debbie Apple

We need people in the Kansas Senate that have the width and breadth of experience to understand and deal with the complex problems facing our state. We are fortunate to have such a person in Senator Jim Denning. Senator Denning works hard for the people of his district and is a respected leader in the senate, always working to find solutions to the problems we face. This is why I am supporting Senator Jim Denning for the Kansas Senate and hope you will as well.

Clayton Barker

With five daughters either in or graduated from Kansas public schools,  I know it takes someone with Jim Denning's common sense, pragmatic fiscal knowledge and financial savvy to ensure our legislature enacts a responsible school finance formula to properly fund the education system.

Mary Birch

Jim Denning will provide the leadership needed to help the Kansas economy recover and to ensure fairness to Johnson County School Districts during the school finance debate.

Mike Bukaty

Senator Jim Denning is a proven leader for the State and deserves re-election to represent the Kansas Senate. Best wishes for a successful campaign.

Travis Couture-Lovelady, NRA Kansas Legislative Liason

Jim Denning is a solidly pro-gun lawmaker. His voting record in both the Kansas Senate and House proves that he supports and defends the Second Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms. The National Rifle Association is pleased to endorse him for another term in the Kansas Senate. We urge all our members and supporters in Kansas' 8th Senate District to vote Jim Denning."

Jim Eschrich

The state's budget needs fixing and Jim Denning knows exactly how to fix it - close the $230M tax loophole!

LeEtta Felter, Respected Olathe Schools Advocate

Johnson county needs Jim at the table to write a new school finance formula.

Gary Haulmark

I have enjoyed working with Senator Denning over the past four years.  He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Kansas Senate that has proven invaluable.  Most importantly Jim can be counted on to do what he believes is right for his constituents and our state, regardless of political agendas and gamesmanship.

Ron Hein

As a governmental affairs consultant, I have had the privilege to work with Sen. Jim Denning for several years.  I have found him to be an energetic, competent, and intelligent legislator who carefully analyzes all legislative issues.   As a former State Representative and State Senator, I know what it takes to be an effective legislator, and Jim possesses all of the skills and intelligence necessary to determine sound policy for his constituents and the state of Kansas.  His knowledge and understanding of the fiscal and budget aspects of state government are second to none, and he uses that expertise to assist the state in maintaining a balanced budget.

Anne and JB Hodgdon

Senator Jim Denning is that steady and quietly commanding presence every legislature needs. He carefully studies every nuance of an issue, and he never shoots from the hip.  Jim Denning makes reasoned decisions and can always back them up with data.  He is a great listener, always seeking to learn and understand. And he is a servant legislator who cares deeply about Kansas and making its future bright for all Kansas.  Senator Jim Denning deserves re-election to the Kansas Senate.

John Dennis Kriegshauser, Former Senator, 8th District

Thank you so much for your tireless work in the Kansas Senate on behalf of the good people in District 8. I know you had some very long days so thank you for “hanging in there” through the 2016 session. Please also pass on my appreciation to Marearl for supporting your work on behalf of all your constituents.

Additionally, I’ve carefully reviewed the qualifications of both of the candidates for the 2016 fall general election for Kansas Senate District 8 and I am please to offer you my personal endorsement. Barb advises that she also endorses you!

I pledge to support your campaign as much as I can. (More on that later…)

For now, I send you best wishes for a successful campaign.

Neil Melton

At critical times like these, we need proven leaders like Jim Denning representing Johnson County in the statehouse.

Pam Robinson, Blue Valley School District Advocate

Senator Denning has worked behind the scenes to stop harmful legislation from impacting our schools.  He is a strong advocate for our community and its public schools.  His knowledge and respected leadership are needed as the state rewrites the school finance formula.

Ken Selzer, Kansas Insurance Commissioner

Kansas will continue to benefit immensely from Jim Denning’s expertise and knowledge developed over his career as a successful businessman. I am endorsing Jim Denning because he understands how to improve state government, how to budget, and how to develop good policy.

Paul Snider

Jim is thoughtful, engaged and accessible and is a clear asset for Johnson County.  We need him back in Topeka next year fighting for us.

Steve Spooner

Not only is Jim Denning a terrific guy, he has the experience, know-how, grit, and determination to make the right decisions for *all* citizens of Kansas!

Patricia Anne Stoneking, President (Retired), Kansas State Rifle Association

Senator Jim Denning is a true Conservative. He is pro-Second Amendment, pro-Life and believes in Small Government and Fiscal Responsibility. Senator Denning is an honest man of great integrity and genuinely cares about the well-being of the citizens of Kansas. If I lived in Senator Denning's district he would most certainly have my vote!

Robert Vancrum

Jim Denning has been a voice of reason from a businessman's perspective on both Appropriations and Tax in the Senate. He proposed his own legislation attempting to close the LLC loophole - to restore $ 300-350 million to annual revenues. This is critical to shore up funding for schools and social services.

Stan VonFeldt

Thanks for the opportunity to work with you and your campaign.  Sorry I could not stay longer, however both the ER Doc in Overland Park as well as my Doctor in Parker agree that my ankle should be healed in about 8weeks. That is, as long as I follow their directions with the ankle splint.

It was surprising to me the number of folks in your district (Democrats, Independents, and Republicans) who are keenly aware of what is going on in Topeka as well as Washington.  Wish we had the same interest and concern here in Colorado with our politicians.

But more to the point, with all the streets we walked, houses we dropped literature at, and especially all the people we talked with.

Everyone, from all parties, liked and respected you and what you have been able to accomplish.

I realize you are running for re-election with little or no help from the Governor or the Kansas RNC.  But with the support I saw and felt from the District 8 voters for you and your accomplishments.  Your endorsements and re- election will come from them on November 8th !!!!

Good Luck and God Bless

Lynwood Yarbrough

I strongly support the reelection of Senator Jim Denning, whom I have known for many years, to the Kansas Senate.   In my opinion, he is one of the brightest and hardest working senators in the Kansas Legislature and the state of Kansas would benefit greatly from having more like him.  He is also an excellent communicator.  His presentations are always lucid and directly on point.  His success in his business ventures, prior to election to the Legislature, demonstrates his business acumen and his dedication to hard work and providing excellent service.  He works very hard in gathering information, from his constituents and others, and then analyzing this information prior to making a decision about matters of importance.  I feel he is especially knowledgeable about education and the factors that play an important role in educating our young.  I say this as someone who spent their working life as a Professor at The University of Kansas Medical Center doing research and educating graduate students, medical students, and postgraduate fellows from 1975 to 2007.

James Zakoura

No one in the Kansas Legislature has worked harder to repeal the LLC Tax Loophole, than Jim Denning. He has been the leading spokesman in Kansas Legislative Hearings against the LLC Tax Loophole. Jim Denning has been the leading voice against the LLC Tax Loophole, in the press, in radio interviews, and in the Johnson County community.  His deep commitment to the operation of the State of Kansas in a financially responsible manner, his deep commitment to tax fairness among all Kansans, and his hallmark trait - hard work - make Jim Denning the best choice to be a leader for all Kansans, as a Kansas State Senator.